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Welcome to the realm of higher education at HU

I am delighted you are considering studying with us. Whether you want to launch your career, or explore a subject in greater depth which you are passionate about, a degree from HU is a real investment in your future.

HU is among Pakistan’s leading educational Institutes in the private sector, HU is a govt. chartered university, not only are our degrees recognized by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) HU is also placed among the handful of W category universities which is the equivalent of A category.

Over the decades, HU has established two purpose built university campuses at prime urban locations in Lahore, Pakistan. HU has 6 faculties, with over 5000 male and female students enrolled, and over 20,000 alumni applying themselves in the market. HU is expanding the its horizons with a huge purpose built campus in Multan and another in near future in the Dubai international Academic city.

We endeavor to change and adapt our teaching benchmarks with those at par with the latest and best around the globe. Our campuses are centrally air conditioned. The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors among other modern teaching aids. HU has well equipped pharmacy labs, computer labs, fashion studios, theaters, auditoriums and textile labs and several other facilities . HU’s new campus provides the ultimate environment for students and young professionals alike with the cornucopia of facilities accessible to them.

The teaching faculty at HU includes 200 full time members as Head of Departments, Deans and Professors most of whom hold PhD’s or are qualified from prestigious universities around the world. We also have 300+ visiting faculty members who are actively involved in their respective fields, they are aware of the advancements in their areas, they continually reinforce those changes in their curriculum.

True education lies not in the text books, but in the pursuit of excellence.

Learn again the lessons,
Of justice, of truth, of bravery,
and you shall be made use of,
from you shall the world be lead.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
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