Vision & Mission

TO BE GLOBALLY KNOWN for innovation at the intersection of disciplines, so as to benchmark mind-growth intangibles in tangible terms, for the enlargement of global human knowledge.
TO PLACE ALL STAKEHOLDERS in pursuit of perfection, discovery and innovation in one’s own discipline, while being aware that all one does, emerges from and integrates into a wider common human good.
TO FOSTER a culture of openness and preparedness towards cutting-edge future roadmaps and emerging knowledge blocks with a constant eye on applicability and scalability.
TO DEVELOP and instill a culture of continual multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary enquiry and education among all stakeholders, leading to the evolution of an education model that focuses on experiential learning to prepare students to lead, through the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
TO DEVELOP a learning orientation across the entire college ecosystem that goes beyond domain knowledge so as to ensure that learning and problem-solving continue for life.
TO ENABLE the finest student and faculty bodies to learn together, through the most evolved education processes in an atmosphere of rigor and discipline which emerges from and integrates with real life industry, science and commerce processes; so as to develop an expert body that understands all aspects of societal challenges and works with teams to tackle complex problems that directly benefit society.


TO CREATE the finest global-level physical facilities and organizational structures to attract & serve a high quality student body.
TO PUT IN PLACE faculty bodies of universal excellence that would embody and foster global quality academic leadership.
TO ENSURE that all learning emerges from its relevant workplace, with guidance from its finest practitioners so as to produce students who are aware of all ground realities and the place that they and their learning will occupy, on completion of their projected formal education.