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Ranking & Accreditation

Hajvery University has been granted the Charter by the Government of Pakistan and its degrees are fully recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. HU is ranked among the handful of prestigious ‘W category’ universities by the HEC. “W” category is the highest and most prestigious ranking among Pakistani universities. This means that our degrees our degrees are recognized locally, nationally and internationally which is why a degree from HU is a real investment in your future.

Lahore is Your Campus!

Our campuses are located within the city, walking distance away from streets lined with restaurants and coffee shops which don’t close at nights. City life is an integral part of the learning experience especially if you are coming from another city or country, and this is the reason why new students begin to feel at home almost immediately.


HU has two purpose built university campuses at prime urban locations in Lahore, Pakistan. Our Faculty includes some the most celebrated minds of the society. We ensure the needs of the best and brightest students are met. To view all that we have to offer at HU click here. And don’t forget to take the virtual tour.


HU has 6 faculties, all of which incorporate HEC approved curriculums. HU is an inter-disciplinary university, which means our young scholars are given the opportunity to work in different areas to earn their degree.

Student life at HU

Campus life and being a part the students union at HU is a very unique experience. We give our students a platform and the liberty to express every aspect of themselves. They can create a synergy with the HU management to arrange sports events, art exhibitions, cultural shows, social events, form societies and conduct educational seminars for the intellectual minds. Furthermore if you’ve got a brilliant idea, we’ll gladly lend you an ear!

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