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A Sense of City of Lahore

Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest city and serves as the Capital of Punjab. Lahore is also referred to as the Garden of Mughals and the Walled city of Lahore because of its rich cultural and historic past. Over time Lahore has evolved itself to be among the most metropolitan cities of Pakistan. These are the facts and then there’s how we perceive this enigmatic land. And let’s face it, it’s your gut feeling which counts.

You’re Welcome

A city which is continually develops, continually expands becomes impersonal, but not Lahore. Lahore and its people have kept a strong sense of community. Culture and hospitality are intertwined with our lifestyles making it a friendly & safe place for residents, visitors and students alike and we absolutely love that!

Make it your own

Lahore is your campus! Our campuses are located in the city, walking distance away from streets lined with restaurants and coffee shops which don’t close at nights. City life is an integral part of the learning experience especially if you are coming from another city or country, and this is the reason why new students begin to feel at home almost immediately.

Lahore is good for you

Yes that’s an opinionated statement, but not an overstatement! Lahore is also referred to as the Garden of Mughals; its parks are among its hallmarks. So whether you want to take a walk in the park or make a routine of jogging in the morning, Lahore has a lot of greenery to offer you.

Moreover Lahore is a very lively city, we Lahorites have our own tagline to prove it: Lahore Lahore hai! If you are a social person then there is no end to the cultural, theatrical and social events here. So go on and indulge yourself!

The pursuit of fun

A wise man once said, the problem with life is not that there’s just one path but so many paths! Lahore poses the same difficulty when it comes to experiencing it. But there is a piece of pie for every one, for the artists there are numerous art galleries carrying the work of the legends to the struggling artists, for theater lovers there are never ending stage shows and theatrical performances. Moreover you can catch the latest movies, sports events and the list just keeps on going.

Or if you just want to kick back with your friends, unwind and rejuvenate, the university is minuets away by walk from all the famous restaurants and coffee shops of Lahore.

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